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Tuscany: La Bellezza della Carta
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Group Carrara 140 years
of experience in the production of paper.


We aim to become a household name for families, our distributors, and the clients of our distributors. Our values must represent an example to be followed. We wish to create value and security for our employees. 
Our professionalism must be a guarantee for our clients and for all consumers.
We believe in Certified Quality.

Certified quality in the work of our people.
Certified quality of our sites and production cycles.
Certified quality of our products.
Certified quality of our relationship with our clients.
We wish to put everyone we deal with at ease.

We want everyone who uses our products to know that everything we produce comes from selected and certified raw materials and that production cycles fully meet environmentally sustainable criteria.
We are creating work in a country where it is increasingly difficult to find employment.
We strongly believe in everything that we are doing to improve the world we live in.