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Cartiere Carrara - Tissue Paper Manufacturers since 1873: mother reels, consumer and professional.

Cartiere Carrara’s

We have been transforming the water, wind and sun of a country unique in the world into high quality tissue paper for 145 years.

Today, Cartiere Carrara has six production sites, all in Italy, with over 560 employees and an annual production of around 240,000 tons of Italian-made tissue paper to a high and constant quality standard, from the raw material to the finished product.

High quality hand towels, kitchen rolls, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, tablecloths and napkins are the fruit of our passion, handed down from generation to generation, together with highly specialized staff and investment in high-performance machinery.

We are one of the leading European producers and processors of tissue paper. Thanks to our integrated process we produce semi-finished products and transform them into a vast range of finished products, destined for the professional and consumer markets, distributed to 47 countries.




production sites


served countries


We take all the necessary measures to protect our employees and, aware of the risks arising from the use of industrial machines, constantly invest in new, more efficient and safer technologies. We train our staff on the basic standards of prevention by instructing each department in the correct use of machinery and instrumentation and monitoring that the rules, in particular the accident prevention rules, are always respected in all company areas.


Working conditions are a fundamental aspect of our being a company and a priority responsibility. We are aware of the regulatory requirements and verify that the company activities follow the applicable legal provisions and those established by the SA8000® regulation. SA8000® is a voluntary social compliance standard that demonstrates commitment to human working conditions and responsible production. This certification process allows us to offer better working conditions, safer environments and lower risks for our staff, thereby increasing production efficiency as well as providing transparent guarantees to our partners.


The quality of our production process is a central aspect of our business and we keep it under control on a daily basis at all stages, from the definition of product requirements to delivery. A well-structured process can not ignore the needs of the customer and therefore it becomes essential to define procedures and registrations for every single step, from planning to after-sales assistance, in order to maximize end-user satisfaction.


We guarantee to the consumer that the manufacture of our products takes place with raw materials from forests managed in full compliance with their life cycle. We strongly believe that sustainable development can lay the foundations for creating a future for new generations. For this reason we prefer to purchase certified materials, contributing to the sustainable management of forests and enhancing the raw material – wood – an essential element of the global ecosystem.


Integrated Process

Raw Materials

We use cellulose fibres exclusively from sustainable forests, managed responsibly, while fully respecting the life-cycle of the trees contained in them.

Thanks to this precise and accurate selection we are able to maintain a high and constant production standard guaranteeing the same quality of product every day.

Mother reels

We produce an annual volume of around 240,000 tons of paper on eight paper machines.

We offer tailor-made solutions by customizing our mother reels according to the requests of our customers in Italy and abroad in 20 countries.

Finished Product

35 lines transform our parent reels into excellent tissue products destined for the consumer and professional markets.

Hand towels, kitchen rolls, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, tablecloths, tablecloths and cutlery bags: we distribute 2,000 products of the highest quality to over 40 countries worldwide.

Our factories,
all in Italy.

Made in Italy is a synonym for quality and excellence. For this reason we have decided to continue producing in our country, transferring to our products the values that make Italy a global reference point.

The decision to keep all the production phases in Italy allows us to manage the processes and the development of the products more closely, checking that every detail is taken care of at every step.








Registered Office:
V.le S. Lavagnini, 41 - 50129 Florence (FI) - Italy
Administrative office:
Via Cav. Lav. Mario Carrara, 12 - 55012 - Capannori (LU) - Italy
VAT number: IT 00385850474 – Share Capital 2.208.000 fully paid up
REA: FI-645466

Telephone: 0583 98 5101

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