A safe working environment is our number one priority, and we are committed to promoting a culture of positive safety within our organization to enhance health and safety practices.

We are proud to have received the “Zero Objective” safety award for the calendar year 2023, promoted by the Giuseppe Lazzareschi Foundation. This award encourages companies and employees to play a key role in promoting continuous improvement to reduce workplace injuries.

The recognition was awarded to three of our production sites:

  • Pratovecchio Converting: achieved the significant milestone of reaching ZERO ACCIDENTS.
  • Cartiera Tassignano: received the award for the GREATEST REDUCTION IN THE FREQUENCY RATE of injuries.
  • Carraia Converting: awarded for the GREATEST REDUCTION IN THE FREQUENCY RATE and for the LOWEST SEVERITY RATE.

For the first time, the company also participated and won an additional award, “More for Zero,” recognizing special activities aimed at raising awareness or increasing safety levels within our facility.

In particular, we were recognized for implementing a computer system for reporting unsafe conditions and behaviors, incidents, and injuries.

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Kilometroverde® - Lucca.

The Cartiere Carrara Group celebrates 150 years of history.

The Cartiere Carrara Group celebrates 150 years of history.

The Cartiere Carrara Group celebrates 150 years of history.

With the acquisition of the Caldaroni Group, the Cartiere Carrara Group is born, paving the way for new growth and future goals.

The Carrara family’s activities are brought back together under the aegis of Cartiere Carrara S.p.A., thus unifying their resources and consolidating their position in the industry.

Mario Carrara’s branch of the family decides to resume the activities previously excluded from the 2002 transfer, starting from Cartiera Carma, of which it had always maintained exclusive ownership. With fresh new impetus, the family re-enters the professional and consumer tissue market.

The turn of the millennium brings new opportunities. Cartoinvest is sold to the multinational SCA.

Cartoinvest becomes the exclusive licensee of the Kleenex brand for Europe, thus confirming its leadership in the European tissue market.

The Cartoinvest Group is founded, and takes control of no less than twelve companies in Italy and in Europe, further strengthening their presence and influence in the industry.

The historical plant in Pietrabuona starts its first continuous machine for tissue paper, introducing remarkable technological innovations in the manufacturing process.

The Carrara family makes its debut in the paper manufacturing business, opening a paper mill in Pietrabuona to make straw paper.