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We have adopted a Code of Ethics that sets the values and principles that members, directors and employees must comply with in the pursuit of business goals. We also ask our partners, collaborators and suppliers to respect it.

In defining our Code of Ethics, we were inspired by the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights and employment, environmental sustainability and the fight against corruption that we consider the cornerstones of our company.

Respect for these principles aims to ensure the high ethical and moral standards of our action, consistently with the fundamental values of justice, honesty, attention to people, lawfulness in work and fairness in business that must always characterise our actions.
In particular, our Code of Ethics intends to ensure:

  • respect for the rights of the individual as a whole
  • respect for the laws and regulations of the States in which we operate
  • correctness and transparency in operations and transactions, in the purchase of assets and services, in the management of contributions and sponsorships and, in general, in every business activity
  • correctness and transparency in relations with the stakeholders (institutions, investors, etc.)
  • protection of the health and safety of workers
  • protection of the environment