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Environmental Sustainability

To be increasingly environmentally sustainable, we have committed ourselves to:

  • increasingly directing our activities towards the circular economy and ecological transition, through the efficient use of materials and energy
  • ensuring the protection of the environment and health with effective systems to manage and control the environmental impacts
  • developing eco-innovation projects for sustainable development

Thanks to the technological choices adopted, an effective environmental management system and a series of actions undertaken over the years, we have achieved important results with regard to efficiency in the use of materials, self-production of energy, reduction of energy consumption, efficiency in the use of water resources and waste reduction.


Water: the water used for every ton of “continuous machine” production is 25% below the industry average. 50% of the water is recycled and reused.

Energy: 32MW of the electricity and heat is self-produced by high-efficiency tri-generation and photovoltaic plants.

Use of materials: we have increased efficiency in the use of the materials. The resource (economic value generated for each ton of materials used in the “continuous machine” production) productivity rate grew by 55% in the 2017-2019 period.

Energy efficiency: the energy consumption per unit of product fell by 2.7% in the 2017-2019 period.

Waste production: the quantity of waste per unit of product fell by 12.6% in the 2017-2019 period.

Eco-innovation: 5.5 million euro of investments in the environment in 2019.

Raw materials: 97.7% of the materials used is formed by renewable raw materials. The FSC brand ensures the sustainable management of forestry materials.


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Energy produced thanks to the photovoltaic plants
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Energy produced thanks to the tri-generation plants