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A brief look at kilometroverde LUCCA

The initiative stems from the desire of Cartiere Carrara and the Carrara family, within the scope of the “kilometroverde” project of Rete Clima.

It consists of 1-kilometre linear forestation along the southern section of the A11 between the exits of Lucca Est and Capannori. The project involves planting trees and shrubs on land that is now bare located close to the business plants and the reconstitution of an oak-hornbeam forest, currently very rare in Tuscany, instead of the existing woodland of neoformation and of limited forest and ecosystem value. Kilometroverde Lucca allows for a forest with autochthonous species, according to the extra-zonal oak-hornbeam forest formation: it is a forest type historically present in the Tuscan area but now significantly reduced due to agricultural activities and industrial sites that have developed on the land over time.

Planting began in February 2020, with the direct involvement of our staff and collaborators. The adult trees already present, which have grown spontaneously over time, are the subject of an active management plan to ensure the improvement at forest and ecological level and increase the ability of kilometroverde to directly provide ecosystem services.

This type of “linear plantation” is an innovative strategy for the zone, intended to have a protective function and to mitigate local environmental impacts. Kilometroverde Lucca will take on a triple function over time: physical and visual separation barrier between land and motorway, woodland (a true and proper green lung) able to capture the particulate pollutants produced by vehicular traffic (the well-known PM) and concrete tool to realise a strategy for the development of natural continuity compared to the already existing sections of wood.

The positive impact of this intervention is not limited to the land: like all new forestation initiatives, kilometroverde Lucca will allow to increase the total absorption of CO2 contributing to mitigating the effects of global warming.

Kilometroverde Lucca will shortly be certified according to the PEFC standard on Sustainable Forest Management.