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Since 1873, we have been pursuing an ancient art, innovating it continuously with professional integrity and competence. We offer high quality tissue products, using the most recent technological innovations respecting the environment and the community.



of the products and the services
A quality that is certified and controlled in all phases, from the definition of the product requirements to delivery. The high standards of production and service are a core aspect of our work, a vision that constantly guides what we do and how we do it: each detail of the product, each component of the service. This is why we consider all aspects essential, from planning to after-sales assistance, to maximise the satisfaction and consolidate the trust of our customers and our final consumers.


of processes and technologies
Innovation has always been part of our DNA: an essential value to nurture an ancient art looking to the future. Our high specialisation in the tissue sector is the result of a precise choice pursued with great determination and perseverance. We support innovation through ongoing investments in research and development, in processes and in new technologies, to increase productivity and efficiency. For us, to innovate also means improving working conditions for our people and reducing the use of natural resources, looking to the 4.0 industry and beyond.


to people and the environment
We commit ourselves to our people, our communities and the environment, by measuring ourselves against the Sustainable Development Goals of the UNO Agenda 2030 and through voluntary certifications. We invest in safer machinery and in training programmes to prevent injuries, checking compliance with the rules in each department. We use certified raw materials and cellulose that respect the life-cycle of the forests of origin and support reforestation projects. Our maximum attention goes into reducing energy consumption, the use of water and greenhouse gas emissions.


our history and our future
Our passion, passed down over five generations, makes us what we are and what we do. We were born and grew up in a privileged context, nurtured by its art, beauty and craftsmanship to combine them in our business culture and become an excellence in Europe in paper production and transformation. We look at the present and the future with the power and the responsibility of a special past, to honour our unique history and to continue to be excellence Made in Italy, a model to be proud of.