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Social Sustainability

Social sustainability, starting from safety at work, enhancement of human capital and relations with the community and the stakeholders, is an essential element for us.

We are certified SA8000 and annually present our social report.

The jobs created by our group increased by 1.4% in 2019. We also contribute to the corporate welfare system through the provisions of the national employment contract on the matter of supplementary healthcare and supplementary pension.

Health and safety at work are one of our top priorities. The number of accidents almost halved in 2019 compared to the previous year. The accident frequency rate fell from 35 to 19.

Together with the Carrara family, we have always been committed to supporting charitable, social and cultural solidarity activities. We also support the Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation, FAI (The National Trust for Italy) Tuscany Hall of Florence and the Paper Museum in Pescia.

FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Cartiere Carrara has chosen to support FAI – the National Trust for Italy – by joining the organisation’s Corporate Golden Donor membership programme.

Alongside FAI, our aspiration is to create a major protection project that also rises to an ambitious cultural challenge: to make Italy a more beautiful place to live, work and raise our children in, because our landscape and cultural heritage, which FAI seeks to safeguard and promote, is unique to Italy and a fundamental resource to invest in with a view to helping our wonderful country to grow, develop and flourish.  Thanks to the support of its numerous members, both private and corporate, FAI has for over 40 years now been safeguarding and managing a total of 61 assets all over Italy: important historical, artistic and landscape sites that have been saved from neglect, restored, protected and opened to the public.

Every day, FAI endeavours to protect and guarantee wide access to splendid examples of art, nature and culture spread all over the countryside, cities and coasts of Italy, educating visitors and raising public awareness of the importance of learning about, respecting and taking care of art and nature, as well as taking on board and representing the requests from the community, monitoring and actively intervening locally.

Along with FAI, our aim is to protect Italy and make it more beautiful than ever.

The Tommasino Bacciotti Onlus Foundation focuses on the study and treatment of childhood tumours, paying particular attention to hosting families affected by them.

Cartiere Carrara supports “Case Accoglienza Tommasino”, a project with which the Foundation offers the use of apartments to the families of children being treated in the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence.

The Fiorenzo Fratini ONLUS Foundation was established by Corrado and Marcello Fratini in memory of their father Fiorenzo, who died 2001.

Since 2002, through a variety of events and activities, the Foundation has been raising funds for a number of important associations and voluntary organisations operating in Italy and internationally.

Cartiere Carrara is a Platinum supporter.

The Maria Assunta in Cielo Onlus (MAiC Onlus) Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in Pistoia in 1989 by a group of volunteers that had been working since the late 1960s with Catholic-inspired associations and to help people with disabilities.

The Foundation’s on-going commitment involves:

  • operating locally to support people with more complex disabilities and their families, throughout their lives, from birth to old age;
  • organising new projects for the rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities, moved by a spirit of subsidiarity and solidarity and taking on board the results of research and innovation;
  • accompanying and supporting people with disabilities and their families.

The Carrara Family has made a large donation towards the renovation and extension of the rehabilitation centre in Pistoia.

The Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation was established to provide support to the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence, a benchmark for paediatric medicine in Italy in terms of research, innovative treatment methods and patient care. The Meyer Children’s Hospital is an outstanding healthcare facility, and the Foundation provides support through actions with high added value that further boost its technical and scientific reputation and make it even more widely admired and loved by the general public.

Cartiere Carrara has decided to make a special Christmas donation to allow the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence to further improve its prevention and treatment efforts.

Set up in 2004 by the entrepreneur from Pistoia Paolo Carrara and his family, the “Un Raggio di Luce” non-profit foundation supports the weakest members of society, in particular women and children, operating in Italy and abroad to carry out activities and projects to provide education and basic health care, combat malnutrition and illiteracy, build decent, safe housing, guarantee access to water and protect rights.

Cartiere Carrara supports the activities of the “Un Raggio di Luce” non-profit foundation.