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Paper that
plants trees

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

We join tradition and innovation, thanks to a family-type management that sees sustainability as a value and a strategy for the growth of the company and our products.

In 2020, in association with Rete Clima, Compagnia delle Foreste and PEFC Italia, we launched two forestation projects aimed at the naturalisation of areas in direct contact with the plants or, in any case, close to our production centres:

  • kilometroverde LUCCA
  • Polycyclic plantations – Italian Forestation

We directly coordinate and bear the full cost of these projects carried out on lands which have been patiently acquired by the Group over the years precisely for this purpose and now owned by us.

These initiatives come from afar and are deeply rooted in the sensitivity of the Carrara family and the company to environmental sustainability. In 2019, we began to invest important economic resources in these interventions that aim at improving the land affected by our production activities, renaturalising heavily anthropised areas and encouraging the cultivation of short chain raw materials for the paper industry, with a view to Corporate Social Responsibility.

kilometroverde LUCCA

Polycyclic plantations