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Our employees: our strength​

People are the essential element of our organization – our true wealth.

Our employees are well-prepared, collaborative and attentive to problem-solving. They know how to work in a team, share their ideas, and be proactive and reactive in order to simplify the route to achieve goals, in the short and long term.

A dynamic approach to an ever-changing market is what has allowed us to consolidate our position in the tissue industry for over a century.

Siamo da sempre impegnati a tutelare e proteggere i valori e i diritti dell’essere umano, consapevoli dell’importanza e della rilevanza dei temi sociali nell’ambito della comunità in cui operiamo. 

Adottiamo un Sistema di Gestione della Responsabilità Sociale nel pieno rispetto delle leggi italiane e delle norme internazionali sui diritti umani, nonché della norma SA 8000:2008 (Social Accountability 8000).

La sicurezza e la salute dei nostri dipendenti è la nostra prima priorità. Per questo siamo certificati ISO 45001.

Working in Tuscany

Those who work with us choose to work in Tuscany and therefore in a region of history, life and wellbeing characterized by landscapes that are unique the world over.

This is the region of Michelangelo, Leonardo and Dante, of Florence, Pisa, Siena and Lucca, of Versilia with its beaches and the Etruscan coast, the Maremma, the hills of Chianti, villages and rolling hills. Beauty criss-crosses and pervades Tuscany, and in no time at all you can go from one landscape to another, fully enjoying the positive energy.

How we hire

Some tips on how to introduce yourself

General Recommendations

People we are looking for are those who will adapt to our culture and be just as enthusiastic about working here as we are. Show us why you are choosing Cartiere Carrara: learn about our company’s modus operandi and our products, and always be yourself.

CV & Cover Letter

A good CV should be well-written, contain your name and contact information, your work experience briefly outlined and your significant results. We expect to receive a well-structured document that is a summary of your complete profile rather than a list of everything you have done. Enter links to your social profiles, such as LinkedIn or your own website. You will pass the selection process by constructing a credible narrative base, conveyed on the relevant channels.

The cover letter is the best tool to make us understand, in brief, for what reason we should choose you and not someone else. Our recruiters want to know how your background can be integrated into the company and what your strengths are. Make your letter personal and tell us how your passion and enthusiasm make you the right person for Cartiere Carrara.


We are enthusiastic about meeting you and we like honest speakers, which is why “I don’t know” is an answer that we accept, if you are telling the truth.

Prepare for the interview by reading up on our company and our values, and have a look at our profile on LinkedIn. Show us why Cartiere Carrara should be your next destination and do not hide your enthusiasm. Interviews at Cartiere Carrara are conversations, so relax and let’s get to know each other.